報告 Announcement

(1) [Church Re-Opening Announcement / 聚會重啟報告] :

Dear brothers and sisters, We re-open for in-person worship service for both English & Chinese congregations and also for communion service. However, both worships and communion services are continued to be live-streamed on our church website. Please check the church website for details.


(2) Because of the changes made regarding the Los Angeles County indoor masking mandate, starting 4/10/2022 masks are no longer required to be worn indoors at CCFC, Alhambra. However, brothers and sisters should feel free to continue to wear masks indoors if that is your preference.
因為洛杉磯縣改變了室內戴口罩的規定, 從 4/10/2022 開始在教會室內聚會時不需要戴口罩。但是, 若弟兄姊妹願意, 仍然可以繼續在室內戴口罩。

(3) Please be reminded that if you are experiencing any symptoms that you do not normally have (coughing, fever, runny nose, sore throat, etc.), please stay home to rest, and attend the Worship Service online.
如果你經歷一些平時沒有的癥狀 (咳嗽、發燒、流鼻水、喉嚨痛等等),請留在家中休息,參加網上崇拜聚會。

(4) Please pray for the children as they learn about how God wants us to love Him with all our heart, soul, and strength. Just as a reminder, please promptly pick-up children after the service from Room 5. Note: Parents will need to sign-out their children.

(5) Christian Soldiers Fellowship (junior high and high schoolers) are meeting again every Sunday at 2:00 pm starting next Sunday, 9/10/2023..

(6) Our church has begun serving lunch on Sundays after the Worship Service.

(7) Nursery Sunday School/育兒室主日學

Nursery (Toddlers) Sunday School is now held at 11:15-11:45am for both in-person and online participants. In-person attendees: please go to the 11am Worship Services with an adult and check in at the Children’s Station at the back.
育兒室幼兒主日學聚會時間改至上午十一時十五分至十一時四十五分, 可經由實體和網路參加。若是參加實體聚會, 請在上午十一時與成人一起參加主日崇拜, 並請到後面兒童簽到處登記。

(8) Prayer Meeting is held every Wednesday night beginning at 7:30pm via ZOOM. Please make an effort to attend.
每週教會禱告會藉著ZOOM 視頻會議方式於星期三晚上七時三十分開始,歡迎弟兄姊妹參加。

(9) Please pray how God may be leading you to serve in and/or support the Children’s Ministry to lead the children to love God, love others, and live as lifelong disciples of Christ. Please contact Sister Olivia for more information. English-speakers or Chinese-speakers are welcomed. The children will be learning about what Jesus did to save us.
請在禱告中求神帶領你如何在兒童事工上服事和/或支持,幫助引領兒童們愛神、愛人、和終生作基督的門徒。若要知道更多兒童事工的詳情,請與 Olivia 姊妹聯絡。說英文或說 中文的弟兄姊妹們我們都歡迎。兒童們將會學習到耶穌為拯救我們所成就的。

(10) Awana

For over six decades, Awana has used innovative ways to reach kids with the gospel and lead them to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ.
The 2023-24 Awana year begins on 9/10.
Age: 3 years to 6th grade
Time: Sundays 2-4pm
Please register your child today
Christian Soldiers Fellowship will resume at the same time for 7th to 12th graders
在過去六十多年,Awana 一直使用創新的方式向兒童們傳福音,帶領他們認識基督,愛基督,和服事基督。
2023-24學年度的 Awana 將於 9/10 開學。
年齡﹕三歲 至六年級

(11) Family Series/家庭系列活動

On Sat, 9/16, 10am to 12pm at church, we will be having the first session in our Family Series. This series is for improving the relationships of parents & children, husband & wife, with God, and with each other. The 1st session will include a time of worship in song, Bible study discussion and teaching in small groups, and prayer, as well as a discussion of potential future Family Series events. Lunch will be served afterwards. Our 1st session topic will be: “Exploring the Role of the Biblical Family” To help us to better prepare for this event, please RSVP by no later than 9/10 by dropping the attendance form into the labeled box in the back of the sanctuary or chapel. Please keep the event in prayer.

Due to a low response from brothers and sisters, the first session of our Family Series, originally scheduled on 9/16, will be postponed to a later time.

九月十六日(週六)上午十時至中午十二時,我們將會在教會舉行家庭系列活動的第一次聚會。此系列活動是為了要增進父母與兒女,丈夫與妻子,與神,和與他人之間的關係。第一次聚會將包括詩歌敬拜,小組查經討論和教導,禱告,以及對未來家庭系列活動的討論。聚會後將會供應午餐。第一次聚會的主題是「探索合乎聖經教導家庭的角色」。 如果能夠參加此聚會,請在九月十日以前將調查表填好後放入教會大堂或副堂後的盒子裏,這會幫助我們籌劃此聚會。 也請在禱告中紀念此聚會。


(12) 10/8/2023: Baptismal/浸禮

We will have a Baptismal Service on 10/8 (Sunday). Please contact Pastor Elton Chu by 9/24 if you have received Christ and are willing to be baptized.
浸禮將於十月八日(主日)舉行, 已接受主耶穌為救主的弟兄姊妹, 並且有意受浸者, 請在九月二十四日以前與朱璧邗牧師聯絡。

(13)10/21 – 10/22: Chinese Fall Retreat 中文部的秋令退修會

今年中文部的秋季退修會將於10/21(週六)至10/22(主日)在教會舉行,講員是陳東昇牧師,今年的主題是「回歸榮耀, 彰顯榮光」。請弟兄姊妹們為秋令會代禱,也開始預備我們的心同來參加。秋令會聚會時間如下:

(14) Church Master Calendar for 2024

We are planning to have a lunchtime meeting on the last Sunday of October the 29th between 12.30pm-1.30pm in the fireside room to get some feedback on the calendar for next year. This will be also be a continuation of the Large Group discussion during the Co-Worker’s Retreat. We encourage all who are serving and all who are interested in serving to attend. Thank you.

(15) [弟兄姐妹可以有兩個方式奉獻 There are two ways to make offerings to church] :

  1. Please make check payable to ‘Chinese Christian Family Church’ and drop it in the church offering box or mail it to Church.支票抬頭請寫 ‘Chinese Christian Family Church’ 可將支票投入教會的奉獻箱,或郵寄支票到教會
  2. 網上奉獻 Online Offering

(16) 已接受主耶穌為救主的弟兄姊妹,並且有意受浸者,請與朱璧邗牧師聯絡。
Please contact Pastor Elton Chu if you have received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and are willing to be baptized.