2023 Sunday Worship

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【English Sermons Video Playback】 :

     【(2023-09-17) Love Never Fails – Part II (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2023-09-10) Love Never Fails – Part I (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2023-09-03) Not Receiving God’s Grace in Vain (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2023-08-27) The “Always” of Love (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2023-08-20) Love Does Not Delight in Evil but Rejoices with the Truth (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2023-08-13) Walking with God (Elder Sam Woo)】

     【(2023-08-06) The New Life of Every True Believer (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2023-07-30) Remember the Lord in Communion (Elder Peter Leung)】

     【(2023-07-23) Love Is Not Easily Angered and Keeps No Record of Wrongs (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2023-07-16) Love Is Not Rude or Self-Seeking (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2023-07-09) Love Does Not Envy or Boast (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2023-07-02) God’s Guidance in Our Life (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2023-06-25) Being Conformed To the Image of Christ (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2023-06-18) The Qualities of A Godly Father (Elder Sam Woo)】

     【(2023-06-11) “I am he” (Brother Weng Tang)】

     【(2023-06-04) Forgetting What Is Behind (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2023-05-28) To Build Up the Body of Christ in Love (Elder Peter Leung)】

     【(2023-05-21) Love is Kind (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2023-05-14) Honor Your Mother (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2023-05-07) Reflecting the Glory of God (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2023-04-30) Do you love your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ? (Elder Peter Leung)】

     【(2023-04-23) The Healing of Naaman (Elder Sam Woo)】

     【(2023-04-16) Love is Patient (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2023-04-09) Why Did Jesus Have to Rise from the Dead? (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2023-04-02) The Messiah Who Was Rejected (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2023-03-26) Baptismal Service (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2023-03-19) The Absolute Importance of LOVE (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2023-03-12) The Unforgivable Sin (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2023-03-05) We Are Not To Lose Heart (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2023-02-26) Able to test and approve what God’s will is (Elder Peter Leung)】

     【(2023-02-19) Not to be Served, but to Serve (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2023-02-12) The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2023-02-05) The Gentleness of Christ (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2023-01-29) There is Joy in Serving (Elder Peter Leung)】

     【(2023-01-22) Opportunities to Make Christ Known (Brother Justin Wong)】

     【(2023-01-15) The Fruit of the Spirit (Part 4) (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2023-01-08) Ten Prayed (Brother Weng Tang)】

     【(2023-01-01) Being Diligent in the New Year (Pastor Elton Chu)】