2024 Sunday Worship

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【English Sermons Video Playback】 :

     【(2024-07-14) Joy, When We Are Not in Control (Brother Justin Wong)】

     【(2024-07-07) Is Our Love Growing Cold? (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2024-06-30) Overcome Evil with Good (Elder Sam Woo)】

     【(2024-06-23) Faith is the Victory (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2024-06-16) How is your relationship with the Heavenly Father? (Elder Peter Leung)】

     【(2024-06-09) The Call of Obedience (Brother Weng Tang)】

     【(2024-06-02) The Impact of the Gentleness of God (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2024-05-26) Be Content (Elder Peter Leung)】

     【(2024-05-19) Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of Our Faith (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2024-05-12) The Sacrificial Love of a Mother (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2024-05-05) The Lord is GOOD (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2024-04-28) Are We Growing in Our Faith? (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2024-04-21) Baptismal Service (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2024-04-14) Expressions of Genuine Faith (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2024-04-07) Have We Become Weary of God? (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2024-03-31) Christ’s Resurrection Is the Foundation of the Believer’s Resurrection (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2024-03-24) The Man After God’s Own Heart (Elder Sam Woo)】

     【(2024-03-17) Living by Faith (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2024-03-10) Surrounded on All Sides (Brother Sam Chan)】

     【(2024-03-03) The Servant King (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2024-02-25) We are God’s workmanship (Elder Peter Leung)】

     【(2024-02-18) Faith Alone (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2024-02-11) The Importance of Faith in the Eyes of God (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2024-02-04) Renewing Our Strength (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2024-01-28) The Example of Peter and the Beauty of Christ (Brother Justin Wong)】

     【(2024-01-21) Going Back to the Word of God (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2024-01-14) Persisting in Overcoming Spiritual Opposition (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2024-01-07) Characteristics of the New Creation (Pastor Elton Chu)】