2021 Sunday Worship

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【English Sermons Video Playback】 :

     【(2021-04-11) Humanity in the presence of God (Brother Weng Tang)】

     【(2021-04-04) He HAD to Rise from the Dead (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2021-04-02) Good Friday Message (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2021-03-28) Behold, Your King Comes to You (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2021-03-21) The Church in Sardis (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2021-03-14) The Church in Thyatira (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2021-03-07) Lord, I Want to See (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2021-02-28) Run the Race for Christ (Pastor James Fan)】

     【(2021-02-21) The Church in Pergamum – The Church That Tolerated Falsehood (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2021-02-14) The Church in Smyrna – The Suffering Church (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2021-02-07) A Righteousness Provided by God (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2021-01-31) Servant (Elder Peter Leung)】

     【(2021-01-24) The Church in Ephesus Duty without Devotion (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2021-01-17) Who do you say I am (Brother Weng Tang)】

     【(2021-01-10) What is the Attitude of Our Heart toward the Word (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2021-01-03) The Lord Remains with Us (Pastor Elton Chu)】