2020 Sunday Worship

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【English Sermons Video Playback】 :

     【(2020-12-27) Have We Grown in Our Faith (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-12-20) Chorale Christmas Presentation (English)】

     【(2020-12-13) Being a Good Witness before Others (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-12-06) A Little Picture of Heaven (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2020-11-29) Stand Firm in your Faith (Elder Peter Leung)】

     【(2020-11-22) Where Are the Other Nine (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-11-15) Do Not Worry (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-11-08) Setting an Example for the Believers (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-11-01) In the Hand of the Living God (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2020-10-25) Learning to Be Content (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-10-18) Prevailing in the Pandemic (Dr Jeffrey Lu)】

     【(2020-10-11) In God We Trust (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-10-04) Living a Life That Glorifies God (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2020-09-27) People are with out excuse (Brother Weng Tang)】

     【(2020-09-20) Watching Our WORDS (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-09-13) For Our God Is a Consuming Fire (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-09-06) The Love of God, in Christ Jesus Our Lord (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2020-08-30) Live a life of no regret (Elder Peter Leung)】

     【(2020-08-23) The Lord Reigns (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-08-16) Continue to Persevere (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-08-09) The Importance of JOY in a Believer’s Life (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-08-02) A Conqueror, and One Who Has Been Conquered (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2020-07-26) I Believe (Brother Weng Tang)】

     【(2020-07-19) Keep On Praying (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-07-12) Could I Do That (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-07-05) Living in the Fear of the Lord (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2020-06-28) The Hand of God (Brother Sam Woo)】

     【(2020-06-21) The PERFECT Father (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-06-14) The Sin of Favoritism (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-06-07) The End of All Things Is Near (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2020-05-31) Being a Servant like Jesus (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-05-24) If the Lord wills (Elder Peter Leung)】

     【(2020-05-17) Learning About Jesus in the Midst of the Storm (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-05-10) As a Mother Comforts Her Child… (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-05-03) God Is FOR Us (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2020-04-26) Fear The Lord Your God (Brother Sam Woo)】

     【(2020-04-19) Giving Thanks during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-04-12) The Christ Will Suffer and Rise From the Dead (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-04-10) Good Friday Message (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-04-05) True Repentance (Pastor Elton Chu)】


     【(2020-03-29) HOPE in the Midst of Seeming Chaos (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-03-22) Peace in Christ (Pastor Elton Chu)】

     【(2020-03-15) Our Faithful God (Pastor Elton Chu)】

2020-03-29          《HOPE in the Midst of Seeming Chaos》       Pastor Elton Chu       ( Romans 5:1-8 )

2020-03-22          《 Peace in Christ 》      Pastor Elton Chu       (John 16:33)

2020-03-15          《Our Faithful God》      Pastor Elton Chu       (Deuteronomy 7:9; 2 Timothy 2:13)

2020-03-08          《Living By Faith in the Son of God》      Pastor Elton Chu       (Galatians 2:20)

2020-03-01          《The Impact of God’s Grace on Our Lives》      Pastor Elton Chu       (Titus 2:11-14)


2020-02-23          《 Eternal Life》      Brother Weng Tang      (John 11:25-27)

2020-02-09         《Suffering In A Believer’s Life》     Pastor Elton Chu      (2 Corinthians 1:3-11)

2020-02-02         《Who Is in Control of Your Life?》     Pastor Elton Chu      (James 4:13-17)


2020-01-26         Pleasing and Accepting One Another In Christ》     Pastor Elton Chu      (Romans 15:1-13)

2020-01-19          《Edify One Another In Love》     Pastor Elton Chu      (Romans 14:13-23)

2020-01-12           《Baptismal Message》     Pastor Elton Chu

2020-01-05          《Forgetting What Is Behind and Straining, Toward What Is Ahead》      Pastor Elton Chu      (Philippians 3:13-14)